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Roger Widga 800.728.9128 x2518
Rebecca Hill 800.728.9128 x2562
Jeana Huebert 800.728.9128 x2583
Ron Klock 800.835.9180 x2601
Patricia Lyons 800.728.9128 x2513
Caven Broadwell 800.728.9128 x2526
Scott Crane 800.728.9128 x2510

Director of Operations: Lex Mendenhall 800.728.9128 x2590
Customer Service Manager: Karen Tenopir 800.728.9128 x2557
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Running an average of over 800000 miles per week, the National Carriers Refrigerated fleet consists of nearly 500 power units and over 1000 trailers all professionally trained and guided by 24-hour satellite assistance. Our highly-skilled dispatchers and customer service representatives work diligently to ensure that each and every load we haul is delivered safely to its final destination, on time.
When time is of the essence and your facility depends on prompt guaranteed delivery of goods – NEEDS is the answer. National's Elite Express Delivery Service is the ultimate in guaranteed delivery. Your time-sensitive cargo is tracked from the moment of pick-up until it is delivered to your specific destination – Guaranteed!
National Carrier Livestock Division has established its reputation as one of the most requested and efficient livestock haulers in the Plains and Midwest . Beef and pork producers alike rely on the 100+ units to maintain consistent and profitable plant operations. Each unit has the latest communications and tracking technology to allow for prompt and flexible scheduling.
With three terminals, National Carriers has positioned specific drivers to run regionally in designated geographic areas around the country. This is ideal for shippers with plants in close proximity so turn around and consistency are maintained with the demands of short haul needs.
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